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Animals: Reptiles & Amphibians

The Turtle

snapping turtle removal from garage.
snapping turtle removal from koi pond.





Some are poisonous

Attics, basements, crawlspaces, brush piles, rock piles

Warm months



Snapping turtles can commonly find their way into peoples yards and ponds, where they might set up housing due to a possible abundant and easy food source of koi fish, or goldfish. Snapping turtle trapping is fairly easy, but unless you are comfortable with catching and releasing these snapping turtles, we suggest you call and turtle removal specialist such as Bigfoot Wildlife Control.These turtles typically lie partially embedded in the mud of the river bottom. In this pose, the rapid movements of the head and neck are important for the capture of fish which form the majority of their food. The snapping turtle has a very broad dinner menu. Young waterfowl are stalked from beneath the surface, seized from below, and pulled down to drown and be eaten. The turtle is carnivorous, and never feeds unless underwater, though, snapping turtles will sometimes grab prey on the bank of a stream and retreat to the water to eat.



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