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Gray Squirrels

Flying Squirrels


Animals: Rodents

Gray Squirrels

Baby squirrel removal from attic Dawsonville Ga. Baby squirrel removal from attic Dawsonville Ga. Baby squirrel removal from attic Dawsonville Ga.
Using 60ft ladder to reach high spots to keep the squirrels out of attic spaces around lake Lanier in Gainesville and dawsonville ga. Patching squirrel holes thru stucco siding on a building in Sandy Springs GA. Squirrel trapped from soffit on Cumming house.
Baby squirrel removal from attic Dawsonville Ga. Baby squirrel removal from attic Dawsonville Ga. Baby squirrel removal from attic Dawsonville Ga.

Norcross GA juvenile squirrel removal.

Baby squirrel removal from attic Dawsonville Ga. Newborn squirrels removed from attic in Cartersville GA
Trapped squirrel in Canton, GA Caught squirrel from cage on roof in Duluth
Cowboy Squirrel
Grey squirrels excluded out of home with a funnel trap in Dawsonville Grey squirrels poking their heads out of gutter in Alpharetta GA Squirrel removal from attic Buford ga





Chewing on wood, wires and shingles,
digging, defication and urination matts down attic insulation.

Inhabits: gardens, attics, trees.

Year round

Heard early to mid-morning, If juviniles may last all day.



The gray squirrel is agile & swift, leaping onto rooftops & inside your attic, eves, and gutters. Bigfoot wildlife control knows of the worries & woes associated with squirrels in your attic. Whether they climb up your trees, gutters, or straight up your siding, they usually find their way into your attic. Making chewing noises all day in some cases, and continuous scratching, clawing, & running sounds coming from above your head. Trapping squirrels, and excluding squirrels are necessary to protect your greatest investment, your house / business. Whether you have been experiencing noises / sightings of squirrels in your attic for a couple of days, or the past several years, it's never too late to get Bigfoot wildlife control to remove & exclude those squirrels for you.

These day-active animals are usually pretty noisy, making running noises in attic, and chewing noises in attic. Bigfoot can help you figure out how to get rid of squirrels in attic. We also get squirrels out of gutters and walls. With hundreds of squirrel trapping success stories under our belts, we can provide you with any type of humane squirrel removal options available in Georgia.

We are not only experts in how to get squirrels out of the attic, walls, house, and eves. Bigfoot provides house sealing services, or "exclusions" to keep squirrels out of the attic for good. We back up all of the labor and installation that goes into sealing up a house or business with a written warranty.

Call Bigfoot Wildlife Control today and set up an appointment to get squirrels out of the attic, and seal the house free from squirrel entry points, so you and your property can have a better tomorrow.




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