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Dead Animal Removal
(Warning, graphic pictures.

A whole days worth of locating and removing dead animals from houses and businesses. Dead rat removal from hvac unit in Buford ga
Squirrel that chewed through fireplace wiring and died in Duluth ga Hole cut in wall for dead rat removal in Ellijay ga
Here's the dead animal Dead rat location & removal in Cumming ga

Bigfoot locates and removes dead animals on all property types. Dead animals can attract a number of other creature problems (such as rats and opossums), not to mention diseases, parasites and smells that come along with the animal, so be sure to have this type of problem taken care of immediately.

Dead animals can be hard to locate. Try to find a dead opossum that got between a wall joist in a 200ft hallway! It takes an experienced professional to locate and remove the carcass. Animals can die inside of an attic,(typically squirrels or rats), the yard (raccoons, cats, deer) on the driveway, (mainly deer) on the roof, (birds) behind the shed,( skunk). Under a deck or under a crawl space are two of the worst spots for animals to die, because they take a lot more grunt work to locate . Bigfoot has found hundreds of rats inside of walls, and duct work of homes. If an animal is found dead outside, it should be examined for signs of sickness and properly removed and disposed of. If left they will start to decay, and the dead animal smell will attract maggots, and the stench will be unpleasant . If an animal is within a structure, the problem is worse, because the stench will gather within the home. Each week we see homeowners abandoning certain rooms of their homes due to the odor. A dead animal in an attic can be very difficult to locate, especially if it has died underneath insulation, or behind a hard to reach spot inside of an attic. An animal in a wall is also very challenging. Cutting and drilling, and sniffing areas to find and remove the carcass. Crawlspaces under a home can be dangerous and unpleasant places. Dead animal removal is a necessary service, and gratefully appreciated by customers. Bigfoot wildlife control is one one North Georgia's top dead animal locating and removal companies.


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