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Other Invasive Species:


Mammals & Preditors


Reptiles & Amphibians


Animals: Birds

Bird guard placed over exhaust vent hole to stop entry of birds. We removed more than 50 pigeons from this rooftop in Alpharetta GA.
Bird guard placed over exhaust vent hole to stop entry of birds. over 60 pigeons trapped from rooftop in alpharetta ga We removed more than 50 pigeons from this rooftop in Alpharetta GA.
Woodpecker damage to soffit in Cherry Log Rope work in Sandy Springs GA for woodpecker removal.
Woodpecker damage to soffit in Cherry Log Repaired woodpecker soffit hole on cabin in Cherry Log GA. Rope work in Sandy Springs GA for woodpecker removal.
Trapped sparrows removed from Dawsonville home Birds nest removed from Milton home Owl rescue from a chimney in Alpharetta ga
Hawk on patrol for rat and mouse control in Roswell ga Bird nest removal from inside exhaust vent in Canton ga Bigfoot woodpecker removal from a 6 story building



  Woodpecker removal and trim board replaced due to carpenter bees and woodpecker damage in blue ridge and Ellijay ga.  




Daytime mostly

droppings everywhere, nesting materials, woodpeckers ruin siding, chimneys, and framing. Make sure you remove entire birds nest

walls, attics, chimneys, usually stucco and cedar siding

Mainly spring and summer

Loud chirping, and pecking on wood, metal, or stucco



Whether it's pigeon control in cumming ga, English sparrow removal in dawsonville ga, or a pesky bird nest you want removal and clean up for, Bigfoot wildlife control can help. We trap & remove pigeons roosting in or on houses, buildings, and structures. Clean up of feces, & installation of bird spikes, bird strips, and other deterrents. Bigfoot wildlife control offers woodpecker removal and wood repairs as well. We are licensed & insured, & trained in rope repelling work for those bird removal jobs that take extra effort & extreme heights. Injured bird rescue, Pigeon trapping, sparrow removal, bird nest removal, woodpecker control, bird dropping cleanup & removal, bird spike & deterrent installation for north Georgia.

Birds are warm-blooded vertebrate animals that have wings, feathers, a beak, no teeth, a skeleton in which many bones are fused together or are absent, and an extremely efficient,, one-way breathing system. Flying birds have strong, hollow bones and powerful flight muscles.
Most birds can fly. Birds have a very strong heart and an efficient way of breathing - these are necessary for birds to fly. Birds also use a lot of energy while flying and need to eat a lot of food to power their flight.

Not all flying animals are birds; and not all birds can fly. The ability to fly has developed independently many times throughout the history of the Earth.

Flying birds' wings are shaped to provide lift, allowing them to fly. These light-weight animals have adapted to their environment by flying, which makes them efficient hunters, lets them escape from hungry predators (like cats), and takes them away from harsh weather (migration).




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