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More bat droppings in Gainesville attic.
Bat removal from house in Ball Ground GA.
Bat droppings in Gainesville GA attic.
Bigfoot custom made bat house.
Large roost of bats in old building in Norcross GA.
Bat guano cleaning on metal roof in Blue Ridge GA.
Bat house installed in tree on lake Blue Ridge.
Bats in a gable vent.
Repelling off building to keep bats out of a building in Atlanta Georgia.
Bat guano rusts out the gable vent screening when left for a long time.
Bat exiting through a ridge vent in Dahlonega.
Closer pic of bats in gable.
excited little brown bat being rescued in Roswell
excited little brown bat in Roswell
Brown bat caught in Dawsonville
Single bat roosting in a gable vent in Cumming GA
Bat guano coming through soffit vent in Alpharetta GA
Bats entering attic thru gable in Ellijay GA
  Bat poop removal from building in Rome Ga. The bat poop was a foot and a half thick, all the way up the stairs, leading to more bat poop we removed and disinfected after the exclusion of the bats.  





Feces (or guano) is a serious health risk if breathed in. Professional dropping removal service avilable.

Attics, trees, walls

Mainly spring and summer




From singular nomad bats roosting in your eves. To colonies of bats roosting in your gable vents or attic spaces. Removing & excluding bats from your attic, and removal of bat droppings, are necessary to protect your greatest investment, your house / business. Whether you have been experiencing noises / sightings / droppings from bats in your attic, gables, eves, driveway, etc. for a couple of days, or the past several years, it's never too late to get Bigfoot wildlife control to remove & exclude bats for you. We provide full bat exclusions for all of north Georgia. Insulation removal & replacement. Replacement of damaged wood & areas where bat guano was present. Call Bigfoot wildlife control for any size bat control case you may have. There are about 39 species in the United States. Most bats are economically valuable because of the large number of insects they consume.

The body of the bat is mouselike and usually covered with fine fur. The face varies greatly from one species to another; many species have complex appendages on the snout and projections, or false ears, in front of the true ears; the ears themselves are often very large and elaborately convoluted. These facial structures are part of the sensory apparatus that emits and receives sound vibrations.

Some bats are solitary, living in caves, crevices, hollow trees, or attics; other species are communal, with thousands or even millions of bats roosting together in a cave or on branches in a section of forest. In some species of communal bats, the entire colony leaves the roost together in the evening and returns together in the morning; in others, individuals come and go at different times. Bats of northern regions migrate, hibernate, or both in winter.

In most species, males and females do not associate except during the mating season. Females of most species bear a single young in the summer of each year. The young are then carried by the mothers for a few days, after which they are left in the roost when not nursing; they begin to fly in a few weeks. The life span of some bats is 20 years in captivity.




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